Our Story

We are a family business, founded and led by three generations of women: Frances, Claudia, and Paulina.

A group of three women posing for the camera

Frances is from Argentina, where knitting is a big part of our family life. Women are taught to knit from a very young age, inheriting the knowledge that is passed on from their ancestors. In our family, women get together to chat, have a good time, and knit.

GreteAt the age of seven, Frances’ mom Grete took her to a small neighborhood store and bought her her first yarn. It was half-price; pale blue and discolored from sitting under the sun in the shop window. Grete patiently taught Frances to knit until eventually she was able to make her first blanket for her doll. She had to unravel it many times, learning from very early on: “if you are going to do something, you have to do it right.”

 Frances found a passion in knitting and has been knitting since then, creating beautiful items that she would gift to family and friends, who were big fans of her work. She is such an expert that she doesn’t even look down while she knits! Her eight grandchildren love her knits so much that she creates wait lists for them, as some of the more sophisticated items can take her months to make. Family friends would always want more, even offering to buy her items! This sparked the idea and Frances, together with her daughter Claudia and granddaughter Paulina, decided to start a business.

Our goal was to replicate Frances’ beautiful products so that more people could enjoy them. After a year and a half of working on prototypes and testing them, we were finally able to find the softness and quality we were looking for, and Grete was born. We have been operating in Guatemala, where we are from, since 2016 and in the United States since 2018.