Crafts strewn on a white surface

Our goal with our products is that they become staples in your closet and last you for many seasons to come. We achieve this through our classic, timeless designs and high-quality fibers and supplies. Our co-founder, Frances, designs every one of our products and obsesses over the fit, the drape, softness, and quality. We personally test all of the products we sell, both through wearing them as well as washing, drying, pulling, and stretching them, to test their quality and ensure that our products will not be altered through use and that they will last over time. Our materials are selected with care through diligent research.

Our processes are based on traditional craftsmanship, which now incorporates current innovative techniques. The fibers of our products are dyed to our specifications. Our buttons are made specifically for us and have the Bureau Veritas certification, and our zippers are guaranteed to comply with lead content and phthalate requirements in the United States.

All our finishing touches are carried out by hand, thus guaranteeing the quality of our products.